[Wish For Change] Referendum #399

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Unless the plan is to just burn the 10 million dot there's no point. Kusama governance is a mess and until it is not a mess there is no sense putting 10M dot in the Kusama treasury.


This proposal has two goals related to cross-chain governance:

1) Measuring Community Support for requesting 10M DOT from Polkadot Treasury

This proposal aims to gauge the community's willingness to request 10 million DOT from the Polkadot treasury, which would be payed out to Kusama's sovereign account in Polkadot. This move aligns with the long-discussed plan to utilize a portion of Polkadot's supply for Kusama, ultimately benefiting the general ecosystem by supporting research and development initiatives that are well-suited to Kusama's philosophy.

It is unclear whether the funds already exist in a separate account controlled by the Web3 foundation or other entity, but regardless I believe nothing stops the Kusama community to proceed with the request of the funds via the treasurer track in Polkadot, if the original allocation becomes available before submission of the official root referendum sending the relevant XCM to Polkadot once the bridge allows for it, this initiative would be canceled otherwise the current controllers of the funds can later send the DOT back to the Polkadot treasury as Kusama would have claimed the DOT allocation already on its own.

2) First submission of an OpenGov referendum via XCM from a decentralized organization

The KSM Community is a DAO created on Kreivo that I am bootstrapping to make it available to the general Kusama community where members who request to join will be given a membership to participate in governance with the 1 member - 1 vote decision method. This community and proposal can serve as example on how to submit proposals from a Kreivo DAO via XCM.

The community has used its own decision mechanism to send an XCM to submit this proposal which I believe is a first in the ecosystem.
The account Ftuq9bHvQb5NiU5JA7q79fxYn9FVBeRjNBHL3RH5raN9qck is a keyless account derived from the XCM location //kusama/para(2281)/plurality(#3/voice) only controlled by the KSM community's own governance. We are unable to set an identity yet but once #398 lands any community created on Kreivo will have its identity set automatically.



It's a great insight that token holders wouldn't trust the ability of the community to receive and manage a large quantity of funds, as seen in Polkadot. I personally don't see DOT token holders as being better qualified than KSM holders to manage funds; the mechanics of both networks are very similar, leaving room for improvement. However, something Kusama can do better is to iterate faster to improve and adapt.

This "wish for change" seems to be a reality regardless of what this proposal's outcome is (if "the promise" is kept), so I see it as a way to start an early discussion about what it would mean for the Kusama community to be in control of a bigger pot of funds. What can we do to improve the governance system, so it can correctly channel funds to be used in the right projects that can benefit the ecosystem at large? There's a lot of chaos in Polkadot that should be handled first within the confines of the canary's cage, with enough safeguards and preparation in place, personally, I see this as a great opportunity to bring the good kind of experimentation that Kusama was supposed to have in the first place.

A nice outcome of this proposal would be to hear more wishes for changes to governance. The Virto team is very familiar with OpenGov; not only have we suffered from it more than most, but also because it's our main goal at the moment to develop on top of it to provide all kinds of organizations with the best experience for decision making, treasury management, and more. Many of the improvements we make can and will make it to the PolkadotSDK and later OpenGov. If the community wishes, we'll listen ;)