Referendum #352
Treasury #400

Polkadot OpenGov Voting Observer Twitter Bot


Dear Community,

This proposal includes a decrease in the funding amount for Referendum 346. Initially set at 200 KSM, it has been reduced to 75 KSM based on suggestions from many voters in a previous referendum.

This reduction in funding will not lead to any cost-cutting measures or a decline in bot quality.

I am thrilled to present the "Polkadot OpenGov Observer" project, We are seeking funding of 75 KSM ($3,695) to support the growth and development of this initiative.

Project Overview:

The Polkadot OpenGov Observer is a tool designed to showcase real-time OpenGov activities on Twitter, providing a comprehensive monthly overview of Polkadot OpenGov Treasury and voters' charts. The primary objective is to enhance community engagement, encourage participation in OpenGov voting, and foster a better understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Beneficiary Information:

  • Beneficiary: Polkadot OpenGov Observer Multisig
  • Address:


Requested Amount:

  • 75 KSM ($3,695)




Kusama & Polkadot

Mission and Impact:

Our mission is to expand the adoption of Polkadot OpenGov across different communities. By leveraging social platforms like Twitter, where 90% of the web3 ecosystem is active, we aim to make concepts surrounding OpenGov more accessible and engaging.

Currently, only 13.1% of DOT holders participate in governance. We believe that increasing this percentage to 40% will lead to more informed and fair decisions within the Polkadot OpenGov system. Our strategy involves showcasing the activities of voters on Polkadot through the OpenGov Observer, making it a valuable tool for evaluating and choosing the best delegates.

Open Source GitHub Repository

Polkadot OpenGov Observer Github repo

List of Tools and Api's used for Twitter Bot

Subscan Api

polkassembly Api

Node js

Twitter Api


Polkadot Js Api

Coin Gecko Api

Current Stats:

  • Active Voters: 1,868,686.843
  • Referenda Participation: 13.10%

Future Impacts and Plans:

The project is focused on making OpenGov widely used and accessible to everyone. Our implemented features include OpenGov Activity Monitoring, displaying new vote activities in real-time, and providing a monthly overview of OpenGov, voters, and the treasury. This will be instrumental in attracting those interested in OpenGov, whether they are new to the concept or seeking funding for their web3 projects. We aim to build a vibrant and active community of developers within the web3 space.

As we move forward, we will continue to refine and expand our project, ensuring that Polkadot OpenGov becomes a central hub for decentralized decision-making and community involvement.

Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to contributing to the growth and success of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Best regards, Ashutosh Singh (Project Creator and Head, Polkadot OpenGov Observer)

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I think its a good initiative and fair proposal, yes from me


As a Kusama decentralized vote delegate, I absolutely support this initiative. I am sure that the openness of the ecosystem governance is a must-have feature. Having multiple channels of aggregating this information is also mandatory according to the decentralized ideology.

I like new tech initiatives. We need more such projects.

@Ashutosh Singh Will you include Kusama referendas overview?

I support this project and vote YES.