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We would like to propose and initiate discussion on a proposal that intends to support the growth of Polkadot ecosystem through an on-chain analytics tool that provides growth insights about specific dApps, Relay chains and parachains, while increasing transparency for the community.

This proposal is a continuation and extension of the ongoing work carried out by Tokenguard for the Polkadot ecosystem through OpenGov & W3F grants.


The Challenge

The growth of the entire Polkadot ecosystem, individual parachains and each dApp is related to users and the TVL they bring. The Polkadot ecosystem currently lacks a user-friendly on-chain analytics tool that addresses those issues, which has been addressed several times by the community and W3F.

In recent months, Tokenguard has undertaken numerous interviews with ecosystem builders to understand thechallenges they are facing and analytics needs that could accelerate growth of the ecosystem.

"We would like to understand, from an aggregate (not individual) level, the activities our users do, and the patterns in their behavior. I.e. they may do regular token, defi, social or nft activity. We would also like to understand which on-chain activities are done manually vs automated using bots. Understanding the patterns can help us optimize the features of our software to streamline important use cases and provide a better user experience."


"We would like to track new users. Where the users are coming from. How did the user fund their account. Correlation between users of different apps."


These and other answers revealed the problems and challenges of builders associated with the lack of analytics tools in the ecosystem:

    — lack of transparency for the community

    — lack of knowledge of user conversion

    — high cost of a self-built analytics tool $50k-$150k

    — fewer users due to a lack of knowledge of where they come from and how to target them

    — lower TVL and funds inflow to the ecosystem

    — lack of tools displaying on-chain data suitable for social media promotion


The Solution

Tokenguard proposes the integration of two existing growth analytics tools: the Ecosystem Growth Index and dApp Analytics for the Polkadot & Kusama Relay chains and three parachains with Smart Contract functionalities that are presently drawing significant user, fund, and builder attention. The solutions are currently used for 10 other chains and 25+ dApps. The presented solutions will provide insights into the growth of individual Parachains and dApps, aiding in the acquisition of new users and funds, and offering valuable insights for enhancing the retention of existing users.

The solution is ideal for promotional purposes and attracts the attention of new users to the ecosystem and dApps.


We value your feedback and are looking forward to supporting the ecosystem ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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