Polkassembly Discussions
Treasury Proposal: Maintenance for the substrate-api-client Nov-22 to Jan-23
Referendum proposal - Increasing the Validator minimum commission rate
Proposal to participate in the Gear Technologies Hackathon 2022 in December and meetup at the end of the event
Proposal: 78 informative videos about Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems in spanish.
Proposal: OpenGov X, an on-chain development programme for governance delegates
Validator / Collator - Operational Costs
Proposal: 1kv insights - website and analysis
Proposal to allocate funds for public data-indexing infrastructure for Polkadot and Kusama (Q3 2022)
Treasury Proposal: Polkawatch Decentralization Analytics Parachain Support and Continued Operation.
New UI design for Polkassembly
Kusama Staking Rates - A discussion in the aftermath of referendum 238
Treasury Proposal: Infrastructure Builders Program (Program Milestone 2)
Bounty Proposal: Spanish content and event production bounty
Treasury Proposal: Ordum | Public Good Grants Aggregator for Polkadot and Kusama
Testing Reverted Text Editor
Treasury Proposal: Production of Dotsama ecosystem tutorial videos for Hindi audience
DotSama trees
Unbricking of basilisk
Guidelines on the use of Treasury funds by non-individual on-chain entities.
Kusama Treasury Proposal for Fearless Wallet: Browser extension and Desktop Applications
KusaMint - A toolkit for creating/managing NFTs on Kusama
On-chain Power of Attorney: case study in the Polkadot ecosystem from a legal perspective.
We need to support the original project of dotsama
Lucky Friday | Cost-Effective Proposal for High-Performance Bare-Metal RPC Nodes
Extending Encointer's common good lease by 48 weeks
Encointer Growth Treasury Proposal 2/2
Teach Polkadot & Kusama knowledge through a Forms Quiz
Proto-Proposal: Develop a Kusama 'common good' DEX specialised in providing liquidity to funded proposals
BrightTreasury - adapting to governance 2.0 [posted in BrightTreasury]
Further funding for Proof of Chaos
Snowbridge Long Term Funding Proposal
Proposal: PolkaSafe proposes to build a user friendly Multisig for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem
Mangata X Council Incident: Return stolen funds to their rightful owners
Polkadot Africa Masterclass Proposal
Public RPC API Service Sustainability Options
OnFinality High Performance Public Infrastructure (Q3 2022)
Treasury proposal: KAGOME – the C++ Implementation of Polkadot Host
Treasury Proposal for Polkascan Explorer Improvements
Bounty #12 Top Up: Video Proposal!
Polkadot and Kusama participation in the 10th Pais Digital Chile Summit.
Proposal: Production of Kusama ecosystem educational videos in Spanish
I request that the following offer be removed
Treasury Proposal - Polkadot Search indexer and RPC end-points
KICRA - Kusama Innovation Cost Reduction Act 2022
Bootstrap ONE-T Nomination Pools
Community-oriented Sub.ID features - Batch one
Proposal: Kusama presents Sh*ft Festival 2022
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