Decntralizing Digital Art In Physical Structures


I have a problem, 99 of them, in fact, but the one I would like to share tonight is one that is near and dear to my heart: the ability to collaborate with artists, those who are brilliant in their domain but on the other side of the planet.

I have had the opportunity to work on several large-scale immersive structures. These structures consist of massive amounts of LED lights, 20,000+, and imagine a Rubik's cube but each square is a pixel. Then make it 20 feet tall, and each side has 6,000 LED lights. What you then have is a giant canvas, a canvas for animators. I am not an animator, yet I and other engineers were responsible for creating animations to flow through these canvases. They ended up beautiful, spectacular in fact, but as any good engineer knows, it could still go one deeper.

My only thought for almost a year now has been how can I get animators to collaborate on these canvases (faces of the cube). I have come up with a solution, one inspired by a light powered by Robonomics. I believe I have a plan on how to do this, but one aspect evades me, so I hope you all can comment and help me think through some ideas.


The Idea: Allow animators/digital creators to submit work to be displayed on these structures by sending NFTs to be run on these structures.


The Question: How can I deconstruct an NFT such that I have access to the 3D animation? (All animations would be created in 3D design software such as Unity, Maya, Blender, etc., and run through common software such as TouchDesigner.)

I am not familiar with how 3D animations actually run on a deep level when submitted as an NFT. If anyone has anything they could add to help me understand the best way to think about this solution, I would be greatly appreciative.


Basic Outline of Idea: This structure receives and runs NFTs from unknown digital artists.


The flow = Structure Receives NFT in Wallet --> NFT needs to then be submitted to 3D rendering software. This step elludes me

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