Proposal for Funding of Kusama System Parachain Collators


Dear Community Members,

We are engaging you in discussion related to topping-up bounty 20 to continue funding of System Parachain Collators and extend it to include funding related to Bridge-hub.

This initiative is an extension of the original System Parachain Collator proposal. Our goal is to incentivize efficient performance, minimize censorship, and ensure ongoing activity on each System Parachain. We intend to achieve this by securing treasury funding for operational costs and by associating disbursements against metrics of performance.

Funding Request:
Infrastructure Costs and Staking Rewards

Coverage: Two Kusama System Parachains (AssetHub and BridgeHub)

Proposal Details

Duration: 6-month runway. Start Date: 1 January 2024

Funding Amounts: 2,478.33 KSM for Kusama System Parachains

We highly value your input and would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions in what we hope will be a productive and engaging discussion.

Kind Regards,

🐟BlueFin Tuna🐟, Paradox & Mile


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