Customized Kusama Chocolate Bars | Proof of Taste - 2nd Edition anyone?


Since the customized Kusama/Polkdaot chocolate bars were well received last year, I'd like to ask you, if you'd like to have a second edition?

The graphic designer designed a couple of designs last year, of which only one was chosen and finally used for the 1st edition of customized Kusama chocolate.
Hence, we have some designs left, which we can use, without paying the graphic designer again ($500 dollar payment back then).

I would ask again for the same amount like last year ($2200 - currently around 50 KSM), to cover the manufacturing costs for +100 editions and shipping costs for users, who'd like to get the chocolate delivered to their homes or offices.
My learning from the first edition was that i underestimated the shipping costs to remote places around the world. With the amount of $2200 we'll be able to order more than 100 editions and I will be covered with shipping costs, too.

Instead of shipping all the chocolate all around the world like last time, my idea is to keep half of the boxes for Polkadot decoded 2024 in Brussels.
They can be given away randomly at the event or maybe we can arrange some kind of lottery.
I will either ship them to the organisers beforehand or bring them my self.
I guess it's a cool story to bring our own branded chocolate to Brussels, which is known for its high standard chocolates!

Please, vote and let me know if you're in favour of this idea or not :)

--> see original polkassembly posting and discussion for the 1st edition in 2023 here

--> copy of the link to the full proposal from last year for 1st edition can be found here

--> Link to manufacturer here

--> check out last years 1st edition here

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