Potential Funding for PINK


PINK may have started with a meme proposal listed on Polkadot OpenGov, but we believe our core ethos embodies the spirit of Kusama–go fast, break stuff, and try new things. Born from a small group of volunteers from all over the Polkadot ecosystem, we quickly created a hit game that has seen multiple iterations, plan to introduce new games and utility in the future, and expand our growing community beyond the confines of our ecosystem, arguably becoming the first ever meme coin / gaming token to go crosschain.

In light of a recent discussion about the Kusama treasury on AAG #119, it is evident that there is a growing need to spend funds out of this treasury in an effort to continue to grow it rather than have it continually get burned and remain at equilibrium.

Considering this, as well as the demand from the PINK community to seek additional funding from external sources, we thought it best to use the Kusama treasury to expedite said financial support of several initiatives for PINK.

We are putting this discussion before the community to gauge its interest in using the Kusama treasury in this way, as well as soliciting input for the amount that would be appropriate. Ideally, we would like to request the maximum of 3333 KSM (~$140K) on the Medium Spender track in order to:

  • Pay for a CEX listing
  • Provide Liquidity to a Market Maker
  • Be able to properly market the game/token utility

Please let us know your thoughts on this idea in the comments below, as well as demonstrate your willingness to support this potential referendum by using the poll feature to the right.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and support!

The Pink Working Group

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