Wojak Casino X Kusama : Expect Controversy


We are thrilled to bring forth an exciting proposition that could significantly benefit our community and fortify our position in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance. As many of you are aware, our beloved Kusama ecosystem thrives on innovation, and strategic partnerships. In that spirit, I propose that we explore a potential collaboration with Wojak Casino, an entity in the realm of online gambling, to collectively enhance our capabilities and foster mutual growth.

The Opportunity at Hand:

Wojak Casino has expressed a keen interest in advancing its operations by migrating to a more robust and industry-leading casino management software. This transition promises to elevate their platform to new heights of efficiency, scalability, and user experience. However, such a significant upgrade requires financial resources, and this is where our community comes into play.

Our Proposal:

We have the opportunity to provide financial support to Wojak Casino for their migration endeavor. In return, Wojak Casino has generously agreed to offer our community a compelling incentive package, which includes:
1. Supply of Our Token ($WAGE): Wojak Casino will allocate a portion of its token supply to Kusama Treasury, enabling us to further diversify our treasury funds and strengthen our financial position.
2. Profit Share in USDT: Additionally, our treasury will receive a share of the profits generated by Wojak Casino, denominated in USDT. This not only ensures a steady stream of revenue but also allows us to expand our investment horizons beyond the confines of Kusama (KSM).
Key Benefits:
1. Diversification of Treasury Funds: By receiving a supply of Wojak Casino's token and profit share in USDT, we mitigate the risk associated with having all our assets solely invested in KSM. Diversification is a cornerstone of prudent financial management and will safeguard our community against potential market fluctuations.
2. Collaborative Growth: Through this collaboration, we not only support the development of Wojak Casino but also foster a symbiotic relationship that fosters mutual growth and prosperity. Together, we can leverage our collective strengths to navigate the complexities of the decentralized finance landscape and emerge stronger than ever before.
3. Exposing the strength of rightful treasury management: Onboarding projects will now have a standard when they seek financing from the treasury they will pay with share or profit or in our case with both to sustain the healthy economic growth of the treasury and the governance. Wojak casino aims to be an antivirus project for treasury draining actors.

Online casinos are always profitable and a very highly growing business now combined with meme culture with Wojak branding what fits very well with the narrative of crypto, gambling and memes.

Business wise:
Numbers are not final but total migration and development of the final betting platform would be a mid-spender budget: 1000-1200 KSM

Our test platform:
password: wojakcasino$

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If votes are closed with Yay then we talk more seriously about benfits for kusama and expected size of growth in this cycle with time frame of delivery and more details. You are welcome with any comment.

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