Kusama System Parachain Collators - Tips Q4/2023


Dear Kusama community,

Collators on System Parachains are provided with minimal rewards for block production and small incentives in terms of transaction fees. This reduces incentives for Collators to act in a favorable manner and they may also be inclined to under-resourcing their hosts to save costs. Collators should receive funding for the provision of their services. Ultimately, this should be provided by the chain in a preferably sustainable manner. Implementation of such a system is a long-term solution. In the medium term, funding for collators can be provided by the respective Treasuries in the form of a bounty. This allows funding to be pre-allocated and independently managed.

This proposal is the final monthly operating costs payment for service providers in Q4 2023. Future cost compensation will be done under the Kusama System Parachain Collators Bounty 20 starting from January 2024.

Full Proposal

The proposal aims to secure 844.654 KSM for Collators on the Kusama System Parachains network for services delivered for 3 months - 10-12/2023.

This discussion will be open for a period of one week before submitting the proposal onchain. We encourage the Kusama community to review this proposal and provide any feedback or suggestions.

Thank you!


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