Democracy External Proposals
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Launch period
Fixing the disappeared approved proposals (by the community) on relaychain from Genshiro and Kintsugi
External Motion: Approval of Treasury Proposal 227 - KAGOME C++ implementation
Statemine Runtime Upgrade to v9320
Un-brick Basilisk via paras.forceSetCurrentCode
Runtime v9320 Upgrade On Kusama Network
Extending Encointer's common good lease by 48 weeks
External motion: Approval of Treasury Proposal 212 - Fearless Wallet Desktop/Browser Plugin Proposal
Runtime v9300 Upgrade On Kusama
Statemine Runtime Upgrade to v9290
Runtime v9291 Upgrade On Kusama
WagMedia Request To Top Up Bounty #12
Statemine Runtime Upgrade to v9271
[PLEASE REJECT] Kusama Runtime Upgrade to v9290
Bootstrap ONE-T Nomination Pools: STEP 1 (testing the anon proxies)
Runtime upgrade to 9280
Update to Nomination Pools on Kusama
Runtime Upgrade to 9271
Statemine Upgrade to Runtime v9270
Statemine Common Good Lease Renewal
Encointer Runtime Upgrade v8
Parallel-Heiko lease swap before the LP22 ends
Liquidity funding proposal for Genshiro Money Market and DEX
Kusama runtime upgrade v9260
Kusama Runtime Upgrade to v9250
Treasury proposal: KSM initial liquidity subsidy for KSM staking liquidity derivative - vKSM
Statemine: Runtime Upgrade on v9230
Changes in Nomination Pools Requested By The Staking Team
Kusama Runtime Upgrade to v9230
Proposal for RMRK token sufficiency on Statemine: An Amended Proposal (the third time is the charm)
Kusama Runtime Upgrade to v9220
Swap Lease For Shiden (2007 to 2120), At Team’s Request
Kusama Liquidity/Reward/Bridge Subsidy for Stableswap (USDT-USDC-aUSD)
Proposal for USDT token sufficiency on Statemine
Kusama runtime upgrade to version 9200
Swap Leases for Moonriver and Khala
Proposal for RMRK token sufficiency on Statemine
Swap para lease between 2003 and 2000
Statemine Runtime Upgrade to v900
Kusama Runtime Upgrade to v9190
Encointer Runtime Upgrade to Full Functionality
Update genesis state for Mangata X chain (at Mangata team Request)
Statemine Runtime Upgrade to v800
Runtime v9180 on Kusama Network
Resolve Sudo Account Issue on the Integritee Shell Parachain
Increase maximum number of HRMP channels from 10 to 30
Runtime v9170 on Kusama Network
Reduce validationUpgradeCooldown to 6 hours
Statemint/e Upgrade to v700
Runtime v9160 on Kusama Network
Open HRMP channel between Basilisk and Statemine
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